Rome..Here we come

Assalamualaikum...aku baru saja menyaksikan perlawanan hebat 2nd leg Semi Final UEFA Champions League menemukan Arsenal menentang Manchester United. Hehe. Sementara menantikan azan subuh berkumandang, biarlah aku berkongsi sedikit sebanyak pasal match tadi di ruangan ni. Lenguh sepanjang pagi bersengkang mata tampak berbaloi dengan persembahan penuh karisma daripada Manchester United menenggelamkan sorak gempita Emirates dengan 3 gol berbalas 1, hasil jaringan Park ji Sung dan dua gol Cristiano Ronaldo. Arsenal mendapat gol saguhati menerusi penalti kontroversi Van Persie, selepas Roberto Rossetti melayangkan kad merah kepada Darren Fletcher kerana kononnya beliau mengasari Febregas di dalam kotak penalti walaupun ulang tayang menafikan keputusannya itu. Jom kita tengok player ratings, dipetik dari


Almunia - 4.0: Was brilliant in the first leg, and kept Arsenal in the tie. Tonight, he ended any chance they had of making the final with a terrible error on Ronaldo's free kick. Later saved well from Rooney and Ronaldo, but the damage was already done.

Sagna - 6.0: Arsenal's backline was shaky once again, but Sagna did not do anything terribly wrong. Committed as usual.

Toure - 5.0: Solid for spells of the game, but was found wanting at key moments. Needed to be Arsenal's defensive leader, but was not.

Djourou - 5.0: When the much-maligned Mikael Silvestre is missed, then you know it has not been one of your better nights. No understanding whatsoever with Toure.

Gibbs -4.5 : "He was magnificent in the first leg." Almost everyone bizarrely said that after the first leg, apart from colleague Sulmaan Ahmad and myself. Hate to be a told-you-so, but Gibbs cost Arsenal the tie tonight with a monumental slip for Park's opener.

Walcott - 4.5: A big disappointment in both legs. Made no impact whatsoever against Evra, and was far too one-dimensional. No space, no Walcott.

Song - 5.0: Song is supposed to be a holding midfielder, but again he didn't protect his defence. How Wenger could ever consider him a worthy replacement for Mathieu Flamini is a mystery.

Fabregas - 6.0: Tried to put his foot on the ball and play, but it is quite clear that it is not the same Fabregas this season as the one of years gone by. Won the penalty.

Nasri - 7.0: Easily Arsenal's best player tonight. Was lively throughout, and looked capable of making things happening. Unfortunately did not have the support of his team-mates.

Van Persie - 6.5: Along with Nasri, the only Arsenal player who showed any kind of spark. Unleashed a few shots, and scored his side's consolation from the penalty spot.

Adebayor - 4.0: Adebay-who? The most embarrassing 180 minutes of football you will ever see from a supposed centre forward. Beyonce won't be impressed.


Eboue - 6.5: Judging on Eboue's penetrating second half showing, he should have started the game.

Bendtner - 6.0: A few lively moments, but nothing to get excited about.

Vela -N/V: Did not have a chance to get into the game.


Van der Sar - 6.5: Another very easy evening for the veteran Dutchman. Aside from the penalty, the only save of note Van der Sar had to make was a 20-yard shot from Van Persie at 3-0.

O'Shea - 6.5: The hero at Old Trafford, O'Shea was steady if not spectacular at the Emirates. Occasionally troubled by Nasri, the Irishman did almost all that was asked of him.

Vidic - 7.5: Won everything in the air, and breezed through the evening without even having to get out of second gear.

Ferdinand - 8.0: Once again marked Adebayor out of the game. Ferdinand and Vidic, if it was not already obvious, are the best centre back duo in the world.

Evra - 8.0: Won every single duel against Walcott, and did not give the Englishman a kick. Back to his best after a shaky spell around a month ago.

Fletcher -7.5: Plenty of bite in the midfield, which helped Man Utd. overpower Arsenal in the middle-of-the-park. Harshly sent off when he clearly won the ball, and will now miss the final.

Carrick - 7.5: Again showed his opposite number Song how you should play the midfield holding role. Did not waste a pass.

Anderson - 8.0: One of the most under-rated players in the Premier League. He is world class, and the most important player in the centre of United's midfield.

Ronaldo - 9.0: If he has underperformed in big games the last few seasons, the same cannot be said this campaign. Ronaldo has scored in every knockout round, and tonight blasted home two goals, as well as making Park's first. Man-of-the-match.

Park Ji Sung -8.5: Lots of energy, Park never stopped running for his team. A superb finish after just eight minutes that all but ended the tie. Involved in the third goal too, making the pass to Rooney.

Rooney - 8.0: Linked up intelligently in attack, and provided the assist for Ronaldo's second goal. Almost scored himself with a beautiful curling shot. The best player in the Premier League this season.


Giggs - 6.5: A few tricks and flicks, but nothing to get too excited about.

Rafael - 6.0: Held his position.

Berbatov - 5.5: Made little impact.

OK..Esok pagi sekali lagi stay up. Barcelona or Chelsea. Siapa yang bakal ditumbangkan The Red Devils di Rome nanti..Sama sama kita nantikan..hehe..majulah sukan untuk negara.
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  1. amboi gocoh dgn budok2 buleh la.. nati barcelona ajar gano cara2 main bola sbena. haha.. man u ni tamak sungguh. sumo nok ambik dio. bagi kok ghe lain gak sikit2.. haha

  2. Mohd Syafiq Says:

    Haha..berbatov yg malas bagi doh FA Cup ke everton ngan chelsea..brebut la dua team nih nk piala tu, satu2nya piala yg ditinggalkan utk team lain..hahaha..